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You can create an account from our site . You can be an actor, a playwright or a venue Owner.

Register to update your headshot, bio or plays you were in. Look for roles in plays in your city or Abroad.

Register to add, manage and update your plays and actors. Search for venues to have your plays performed at. Lastly offer discounts to theater goers.

Register to rent out your theatre’s or venue’s. Add video tours of your location. Streamline your admin process to rent out your venue.

You can get information about all our services using the ABOUT button.

You can access the majority of our services without having to register. Some services do require us to personalise the website in some way.

Some services on the site require you to have a username (also sometimes known as a screenname or a nickname). This will appear on your profile page, and next to all the pages you leave on the site. It is how other users will identify you.

You can contact our user help team directly. They are based in Chicago, and are there to help you with any problems you might have using the registration system or the site as a whole. We ask you to contact us here

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