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The Representaive

Play reflects the Highs and Lows of the single ladies and men in the dating world. Sometimes the one u love can be right under your very nose the w...


A Taste Of Theater Festival 2017

Come Watch one Scene of 6 different plays each night.


Thursday Showcase

Members of the Under The Gun Apprentice Program showcase their improv skills.


Sisi Pelebe

In a bid to cure Folasade of her 'Sisi Pelebeism', the parents released her to the ever so loving care of the 'holy institution' inadvertently exp...


A Man's Gotta Do

Pamela Carr (teacher), a very intelligent and accomplished woman with success in academics, business and real estate who just happens to be sexy. A...


Come on

Come on



Peek into the lives of David and Landry Robinson, as their world of marital bliss is ravaged by the beast of infidelity—a lurid situation that no...


A Taste of Theater Festival 2018

Watch one scene of six different plays each night and vote for the one that you like the most.


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